I started my day with a productive morning of playing with Sunny (my BIG yellow Labrador) and studying for my upcoming GMAT. My days consist of work, eat, study, sleep with not much room for anything else (now, not even any time for ABC’s “the Bachelor” no Juan Pablo?!) until test day which is February 25. The date can’t come any sooner. It will be my first time taking the official test and probably not my last but let’s cross our fingers! On top of work and studying I got a recent promotion which does take up more mind space, but juggling it all just takes practice like my GMAT Skillbuilder, once I do it a few times it’ll become second nature (at least let’s hope so).nnBefore work I fit in a little time to snap a few shots of an outfit that could be cute for Valentine’s Day! The subtle tone of red in the leather moto jacket is just enough to be festive for the day of love, hearts and flowers. It could even be an easy work, to dinner, (to study) outfit! To my last minute shoppers, gifters, and lovers it’s only 2 days away, don’t say you were never warned