Time to flaunt your legs and get the sun kissed tan your body has been missing since last summer! Summer season has always been my favorite because it’s filled with bonfires, pool parties, travel, rest, and relaxation. This outfit balances the short shorts (Kaitlyn Clothing) with a higher neckline (Urban Outfitters), making it appropriate for keeping cool in a heat wave and a little room for mystery instead of flaunting all you got. My own personal rules of a balanced outfit are:

1. If I’m wearing short shorts my belly button should be covered.
2. If I’m wearing a crop top my bottoms shouldn’t be shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
3. Tight top loose bottom
4. Loose bottom tight top

Easy enough right? Follow these do’s and don’ts when putting your outfits together and they will be much more flattering and composed.